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Map of the Beats in New York

Below, you will find a map that traces the homes and hangouts of famed beat-generation literaries Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. There are a number of ways you can interact with the map.

1. Be sure to peruse the Map Legend, located below the map on the website’s front page.

2. Try out the options. Click on the white bar (top right hand side of the map) and see what it looks like in Satellite, Terrain, or Earth view.

3. Although the WordPress view reveals a small portion, if you click “View Larger Map” it will bring you into Google Maps.

4. Click on the place marks! There are interesting stories and tall tales to be found inside.

5. Click on the paths! You can see who hung out where and when in a succinct list and imagine their trail over time.

6. Try it in Google Earth. On the Google Map under the main title, you will find a small KML link. Click on it and be taken away to Google Earth. Once it is open, double click on the link that reads Streets of the Beats (on the left hand side bar) to reveal the map. Then be sure to click around and explore.

7. Click on the arrow next to the Streets of the Beats link (so that the arrow points down) and it will reveal the same place markers. Want to take a tour of William Burrough’s New York? Simply find his path and click on it. Then, on the bottom right hand side of the side bar, you will see a small box with three dots. Click on it to be taken on a tour of the writer and poet’s route through New York. Then try the other three!

8. Enjoy! Please leave us comments if you have any questions or remarks. And to learn more about our project or the Beats in general, explore our pages (About, The Beats, The Data) located below the map legend.

Map Legend: Place Markers

Bar or Dining Establishment – No longer exists

Bar or Dining Establishment – Currently open for business

     Bar or Dining Establishment – Has moved since frequented by the Beats

 Home or place where Beat author lived or stayed temporarily

Path Legend

William Burroughs

   Jack Kerouac

  Gregory Corso

 Allen Ginsberg


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  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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